Affiliate Program

We will pay you to link to our web site!

10% of $20 per Art-o-matic sale
50% of $28 per Cool Page Standard sale
50% of $49 per Cool Page Pro sale
50% of $79 per Cool Page Webmaster sale

We have affiliates already earning $1000 per month and more!  Don't miss your chance!

Any affiliate who earns $40 in commissions will receive a
free gift copy of Cool Page Webmaster, in addition to their commissions, which they may keep for themself or give away as gift.  One free gift per affiliate.

This is the most lucrative referral program on the internet today!  Because we pay you up to $40 (50% of sale price) for every referral sale, and because our products have one of the highest sale per downloads rate in the industry.  And because our referral tracking system is highly tested and accurate.  Also, if your referral buys several copies at same time, then we pay you 50% of the total price for all the copies!

Simple instructions:

1. Sign up at Affiliates from main menu of

2. Use "New Link" after login at Affiliates at

3. Add an image or text and link it with link generated as instructed in previous 3 steps.

It is that simple.  The more visitors you send to us, the more $money you make.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 2.7 and earlier of Cool Page does not allow linking as required by the affiliate program.  This has been fixed in version 2.71 and later.

Caveats: does not pay referrals for sales to yourself.  They do not pay referrals for sales generated from bulk mailing to people who have not explicitly requested to be provided such information.  If you do bulk email promotion to a bonafide opt-in + opt-out mailing list, do not include information about our product, web site, or link to our web site in the email.  Instead provide a link to your own web site and have link(s) to our web site from your web site.  Read the "Simplified Terms Of Service" at for more information.

Feel free to use any of the
graphics or text from our web site in your promotion of referral link above.

Please spread the word about your success with our products, and make $ with your web site while doing so.