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A program that automatically draws!
Reviews and Awards
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“I've never seen a 3D program this fast!  It redraws as fast as I drag the mouse.”

“I didn't believe it was true, really does draw automatically.”

“There is 200 pages of help... you don't need it.  Art-O-Matic is so fast and simple to use, I created several automatic drawings 5 minutes after installation.”

“A must have program for anyone who creates images.  It works well with any Windows program.  Just copy and paste.”

“Art-O-Matic is both simple and deep.  I am still discovering new things.  It even simulates professional photography!”

“I have a number of 3d programs...and this one smokes them all.  I do the art chores for a comicbook, and the image output from the program will allow me to cut production time in half!” - Edward Bragg
Customer Quotes
These 3 images were done by Shar using Art-o-matic, Vue d'Espirit, and PaintShop Pro.
Art-o-matic's background image feature was used to add the trees, horse, and fish on top of the landscape and sky scenes produced by Vue d'Espirit.  Rather than add all the trees at once, which might be slow on some computers, Shar added them a few at a time in layers by exporting the resulting image and then starting with it as the background for next few.  The horse and dolphin are included with Art-o-matic. The trees are among the freely downloadable objects.  The other fish were images imported into Art-o-matic where they can be rotated and distance changed.
Similiar results could likely be obtained using Art-o-matic together with Bryce, or any other landscape making program, instead of Vue d'Espirit.
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