Mass-Entropy Equivalence - A Theory of the Universe

by Shelby Henry Moore III
Why the singularity can not be an infinitely dense mass

It is impossible for the Singularity to be an infinitely dense mass, because the only forms of mass that don't have volume, are due to forces produced from energy (e.g. inertia). But there is no energy in the Singularity, because the star gave up all it's energy in the process of forming the Singularity. Instead of inventing infinite special cases of mass, e.g. "darkmatter", etc., we can simply go back to the E=mc2 and equation for Entropy, as I did in the development of my theory. Then the Singularity is easily explained as an infinitely small point of 0 energy and 0 mass and thus dominant Anti-Gravity directed towards this point. Then no science that stood beforehand needs to be handled with new special cases. My theory is merely explaining the how the 2 most fundamental laws of universe (relativity & entropy) interact.

Another reason why the singularity can not be an infinitely dense mass

Because all the equations dealing with mass and energy fail inside the Singularity, because the volume and space is 0. Zilch.

Whereas, my explanation using infinite Entropy inside the Singularity, is completely workable mathematically. The theory can thus be used to make predictions about the behavior of the singularity and the transition to it, because won't just hit "divide by 0" at the point of 0 volume.

And why? Because Entropy contains a logarithm. At the Entropy goes to infinity, the self-similarity of matter (or ether) inside can go to "no contrast" (equal probability everything, nothing can be seen), and yet the logarithm does not fail as probability approaches 0, the value just becomes negative but exponentially less fast than the number of n chunks of matter (or ether) considered.

Mainstream theory of the universe is Newton, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and a bunch of constantly changing Special Theories to deal with inconsistencies between those. In other words, there is no consistent mainstream UNIVERSAL theory of the universe.

I have just provided one.

The deficit in the mainstream is the only gravitational force is the attraction of mass. And their theories have no mathematical explanation of what fundamentally causes gravitational force.

In my theory, I derived mathematically that mass is inversely exponentially proportional to Entropy. Thus as mass increases exponentially, Entropy decreases linearly, and vice versa:

Shannon-Entropy SE = SUM( p / log2 p ), where p = 1/(1/n) = n, and n is number of pieces mass has been split into. Splitting a mass into pieces decreases it, i.e. an explosion. Thus:

SE = 5, n = 32
SE = 4, n = 16
SE = 3, n = 8
SE = 2, n = 4
SE = 1, n = 2
SE = 0, n = 1

where y = log2( n ) means n = 2^y
note that log2( n ) = log10( n ) / log10( 2 ) in case your calculator has only log or log10 key
log means log10 on most calculators

Thus, I have shown that there is an opposing state to mass, that is lacking in the mainstream. In other words, the mainstream only knows about mass and gravity, and doesn't know about the opposing states of matter, which I will call "anti-mass" and "anti-gravity".

My theory shows that mass is really just a form of order (a low Entropy state of matter), and that gravity is just the fact that mass exists. And my theory shows that the "opposite of mass" (i.e. anti-mass) is disorder (a higher Entropy state of matter), and that "opposite of gravity" (i.e. anti-gravity) is just the transistion from an more ordered state to a more disordered state of matter. I explained these forces by noting that air has a lower entropy state than ground, and air is not mixed into the ground and is thus air acted upon less by the force of gravity than ground.

I also related Entropy to mass via the E=mc2 mass-energy equivalence of Relativity, by stating that since mass is equivalent to energy, because Entropy is "unavailability of a systemís energy to do work".

This theory thus removes the need for all the Special Theories to deal with Singularities (Black Holes) and sub-quantum particle/field effects (e.g. "dark matter", etc), by showing that all matter is related to mass via the measurement of entropy.

So now the case of infinitely dispersed (exploded) mass (i.e. n = infinity in SE) revolves to a case of 0 mass and 0 energy. So now we know what is on the edge of the universe. The edge of the universe is infinite entropy, which means n = infinity, which means 0 mass and thus 0 energy.

You see this explains everything. The universe is always expanding, this means mass is always exploding (although local systems of increasing order are created and destroyed along the way...i.e. our life here on earth), which means global entropy of universe is trending towards infinity:

In 1856, the German physicist Rudolf Clausius stated what he called the "second fundamental theorem in the mechanical theory of heat"...

...The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum...

...lack of specific conditions, e.g. open, closed, or isolated, to which this statement applies...

The implications are far reaching.

For example, my theory mathematically confirms that small things grow faster and explains why exponential growth, peak, and decay are fundamental to mass.

My theory mathematically explains that increasing mass (concentration of anything) incurs a much lower Entropy state, which means the state of concentration is more unstable, because it's "availability to do work" has greatly increased. Meaning that as the concentration increases exponentially, the likelihood that it will decrease, thus grows linearly.

Thus wisdom or wealth is now defined mathematically. Since concentration (mass) can increase exponentially, while risk of decrease (inverse of entropy) only increases linearly, then wisdom or wealth can be gained with order. So this shows mathematically that diversification is the opposite of wisdom or wealth. In layman's terms, it mathematically proves the concept of "focus, focus, focus" or "80/20 rule".

I am confident my theory will prove and predict many other important things, as I have more time to think about the implications of the theory.

Added April 06, 2008: No mass or energy can reach the edge of the universe where mass and energy are 0. Mass density must decrease to 0 towards the edge of the universe (or into a singularity), else there is no edge. Thus distance (which is measured by density-spacing of mass) traveled per unit time decreases eventually to 0, i.e. relative time speeds up eventually to infinity. Ditto, if one instead assumed there is no edge, thus it is also unreachable.

Added April 07, 2008: In sociology, diversification is socialism, i.e. the individual relies on the majority. Fiat money, insurance, social security, thus all forms of socialism decrease the wealth of those who depend on them. I reiterate the mathematical proof is "as mass increases exponentially, Entropy decreases linearly, and vice versa". So this means only the individual who is smarter than the bell curve can have a non-constant marginal utility for money. Nature does not allow everyone to be equally smart/wise/wealthy, because it violates the inverse exponential mathematical nature of mass-entropy equivalence.

Added April 09, 2008: The Higgs Boson Field is the "anti-gravity" effect I described above, i.e. when a particle enters the zero energy (zero mass, max entropy) space, anti-gravity is the opposing force that makes mass have gravity (that defines what mass is). Interestingly, Higgs boson is referred to as the 'God particle' in fiction and in the news. My theory answers these CERN questions.

Created: April 05, 2008
Last Updated: April 09, 2008