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Security and Privacy Policy

All online orders for 3Dize products are handled by ibill, a world leader in internet billing.  Credit card orders thru ibill are done using a secure connection that encrypts the transaction data to insure that only the customer and ibill see the data.  Even 3Dize is not allowed to see your credit card number.  That info remains private between the customer and ibill.  ibill has a strict privacy policy, which you can read on their web site.  The only info provided to 3Dize by ibill are the email address, first and last name, amount, and transaction number.

With the customer info we do have (i.e. email address and name), 3Dize also maintains a strict privacy policy to protect it's customers.  No customer info is ever shared outside of 3Dize.  Only a very few trusted 3Dize employees have access to customer data.

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